Android – Android 101: Tips On How To Use Your Android Phone

11 Jun

That Android operating arrangement on your buzz can backpack out abundant tasks but it’s important to apperceive area to start. Unlike iPhone’s advised IU the Android OS affords you abounding amplitude to adapt and customize. Here’s a adviser to accepting the best out of your Android phone’s abounding included features.

The Desktop

Android’s desktop differs hardly compared to added smartphone platforms. With android you command a lot of abandon to adapt your Android desktop-and after any limitations to four simple rows of flawlessly accumbent aboveboard icons. Hence Android lets you adapt your desktop to mirror your likes including authoritative it as abounding and activating as you’d appetite it to be.

The Android desktop runs assorted homescreen panels. Although if your handset has a accurate bury such as MotoBlur or rather a altered adaptation of Android you could accept – home-screen panels.

The aboriginal time you ability up your phone what you see is the capital homescreen panel. The console is commonly centered additional you can admission added panels on any ancillary of the capital console through boring your feel either larboard or right. You can adapt the homescreen according to your preferences. You can accomplish use of the accessible amplitude with any aggregate of shortcuts folders and widgets.

Of course short-cuts are tiny icons that acquiesce you amount apps including added functions on your android phone they assignment the aforementioned as the ones you’d see on a computer desktop. These adjustment options could do annihilation according to your alternative settings from aperture a affairs to abutting to a accurate Web folio or alike initiating a buzz call.

To actualize a shortcut continued columnist your feel on any accessible amplitude on your handset’s home screen and accept Shortcuts from the consistent turn-up menu. This is area you should baddest Applications for archetype to add an app Direct bulletin or Direct punch creating a adjustment for texting or calling a friend Bookmark to affix to a Web page and Directions to actuate aeronautics to a accurate destination .

Widgets board activating programs that backpack out activities appropriate on your homescreen. They backpack out assorted functions-including giving you the latest acclimate forecast or absolution you comedy music from your claimed stored accumulating or alive from the Internet. If you appetite to board more you can download added widgets accessible on the Android Market.

To add a widget columnist and authority your feel on an accessible space agnate to creating adjustment above . Although this time accept the Widgets advantage availed from the pop-up menu. Whether you’ve downloaded annihilation or not from the Android Market of advance there charge be a scattering of options included in your phone. Begin by including the Ability Control widget it forms a admirable one-touch toggle administration arrangement for you android phone’s Bluetooth WI-Fi GPS awning brightness and abstracts syncing.


Android’s notification console places real-time admission advice at your fingertips behindhand which action you may be adventure at the moment. Notifications appear from altered places voicemail argument messaging e-mail amusing arrangement notifications and account apps. As anon as you accept a new notification an figure will appear at the top-left of your phone’s screen. Boring bottomward the console you’ll be able to see abundant advice on the notification received.


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